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you are closer to having a home

with Energy efficiency!

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In the workshop we learned which are the consumptions that must be kept under the magnifying glass andhow to improve the efficiency of the different energy uses. 

Remember that the energetics we work with are:


Electric power


Supergas / piped gas



in the workshop worksparticularly about:

efficient heating methods

Use of domestic hot water

Improvements in thermal comfort

These are thetopics that we chose because we are in winter, but energy efficiency also includes other areas. Next we tell you how to continue with this process towards theEnergy efficiency


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Soon you will be able to download the
"Energy Efficiency Guide"
for free

What plans do you have with your savings?
We are in favor ofSaving without a goal is pointless! 
That's why
recWe recommend that before doing anything, you draw up a clear and achievable objective in order to focus your efforts.The ideal is to give a meaning to our actions to maintain constancy over time. 


Some objectives that you can achieve with your savings: 

  • A family trip to Florianopolis

  • install ahigh performance stove

  • build a pool

  • Buy an electric motorcycle

The numbers of the Families we work with:

Families based on Electric Power


Efficiency improvement:

families with
piped gas


Efficiency improvement:

Save energy by investing at home!
Hire one of our services


Practical Workshop:

  • Face-to-face workshop taking your practical case so that we guide you in the process

  • Implementation guide with up to 3 video calls


  • Visit of a professional to your house to relieve uses and consumptions and train you

  • Use of outlets for a week

  • Consumption report and measures to be taken with repayment time and IRR of each one


  • Visit of a technician to your home to relieve uses and consumption 

  • Use of outlets for a week 

  • Consumption report and measures to be taken with repayment time and IRR of each 

  • Accompaniment in the measures for up to 3 months

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